With the many controversial Immigration bills, many of which originated in the southern states, they draw a large amount of national attention.  With the upcoming presidential elections, the Nation can expect some changes in these laws.

Ms. Eaton is a researcher and writer based in Massachusetts. Last spring, she wrote an article for the Nation magazine about efforts to protect the rights of immigrants and block legislation. I am returning to the area to write a follow up story as part of a documentation and mobilization project.

Ms. Eaton decided to interview E&A as well as several other groups who are involved in this type of work.  She was also interested in learning more about our own Karla Vázquez’s work as the President of the Mississippi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and its efforts to promote Hispanic-owned businesses and foster growth and participation with existing local businesses.  Ms. Eaton’s work will culminate in a video and written documentary concerning her findings and research.

You can check out more about Ms. Eaton’s work by clicking on the following links: